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Bachelor Degree Program in
Media Arts & Design with a Concentration in
Game Arts & Design

People once called them games. Now we call them training for pilots and soldiers, learning tools for children, and totally-blow-your-mind-graphics. What was once a cottage industry is now an 11 billion dollar market that desperately needs programmers and designers. With the hands-on education Mt. Sierra College offers, students become skilled professionals. Graduates of the Games Arts & Design program enter the field eager to develop the next generation of games and simulations for a growing industry.

Students enrolling in the Game Arts and Design area of specialization will take courses that build a solid foundation in multimedia arts and design and will take specialized courses in game and simulation development.

Students specializing in Game Arts and Design will be prepared for employment in the areas of game and simulation development. Students will possess strong design abilities and will explore the world of interactivity so prevalent in the gaming, defense and health occupation arenas.

Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Game Arts and Design are prepared for eventual careers such as Game Designer, Graphics and Special Effects Programmer, Audio Programmer, Technical Director, Artist/Animator, 3D Modeler and Compositor, Artist/Animator, Art Director, Game Level Designer, Game Tester, and Creative Director.

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Discover the importance of music in the gaming design field.

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